New Soap - Coconut Milk Soap @ 10th July
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Customer Testimonials


Below are some testimonials from our customers about our milk soap:

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"I own all the different scented and non scented soaps from Dufftons Milk Soap and so far I've tried the Festive scented soap. The bars I have are the trial size, but they also have a limited edition of these soaps with a beautiful rose design and possibly other wonderful molds in the future. Though I've only been using the Festive soap (I couldn't decide which to start with so I grabbed that one since it was of Christmas like colors), it is an amazing smelling soap! I found myself smelling my hands after washing them haha! I love how well it lathers and how creamy it feels, it rinses well and leaves your skin not only smelling great, but also so soft due to the natural moisturizing ingredients. I look forward to trying all the other ones I have and I know they will be equally wonderful not only with the scent but also how well they cleanse the skin without stripping out any moisture. I highly recommend giving these soaps a try, you won't regret it! And I'm certain you'll love them as much as I do!"

Mellisa Q.


"Lovely soap, can highly recommend the product and the service!"

"I decided to try out the Honeysuckle soap. It arrived very quickly, within a day! It was beautifully wrapped with tissue paper and ribbon and contained a hand written note which I felt gave the package a personal touch. It really felt like a gift! The soap itself looks beautiful with creamy and lilac marbling. The scent is very delicate and when applied in the shower the soap bar foams up very nicely. My skin would usually feel tight after using soap but I didn't experience that at all with this product. I will definitely buy some different kinds in the future, I highly recommend this soap to anyone who loves natural products."

Naomi R.


"Good quality, smells good and really well packaged. Would recommend this to anyone whether it's for your own personal use or as a small gift to someone."

Josh K.